Driving Asphalt Innovation: Cynthia Powell Joins Forces with AZT and TAR

AUBURN, ALABAMA – Aztec Asphalt Technology (AZT) and Total Asphalt Rejuvenation (TAR) are proud to welcome Cynthia Powell into their esteemed ranks, appointing her to two significant roles within their organizations. Commencing December 1, 2023, Cynthia Powell assumes the mantle of Vice President of the Southeast Region for Total Asphalt and Vice President of Mix Technology for Aztec Asphalt Technology.

Boasting over 17 years of invaluable experience in the asphalt industry, Cynthia Powell brings a trove of knowledge and expertise to her new positions. Her career has been distinguished by a steadfast commitment to asphalt design, mix development, and quality control.

Powell’s journey in the asphalt realm is marked by her tenure as lead technician and mix designer at East Alabama Paving, where her contributions proved instrumental. Notably, she spearheaded the testing and refinement of asphalt designs, particularly in her role as the lead Quality Control/Quality Assurance technician. Her influence extended to pivotal projects with the National Center for Asphalt Technology (NCAT), holding contracts for paving every three years.

Recognized as one of the “Hundred Women of Asphalt” nationwide, Powell’s dedication and impact in the field stand as a testament to her prowess. She is celebrated as a trailblazer in asphalt innovation.

What sets Powell apart is not only her extensive professional acumen but also her fervent passion for the asphalt industry. Describing it as a tight-knit family where innovation meets dedication, she epitomizes the spirit of collaboration and support within the field.

In her new capacities, Cynthia Powell will spearhead initiatives to rejuvenate and enhance asphalt, collaborating closely with clients across the Southeast region. Her innovative mindset and unwavering commitment to excellence are poised to propel Total Asphalt Rejuvenation and Aztec Asphalt Technology to unprecedented heights.

Powell’s breadth of experience, dedication to her craft, and pioneering spirit render her an invaluable asset to both organizations. Her trajectory from asphalt design to her recent patent application underscores her resolute commitment to the industry and her mission to engineer superior, long-lasting asphalt solutions.

Beyond her professional endeavors, Powell shares a profound affection for Auburn University with her husband, fondly known as “Dr. Asphalt.” Their mutual love for the Auburn Tigers blossomed amidst the demanding world of asphalt testing, cementing their bond through shared experiences, both in work and in life.

Powell’s eclectic background includes owning a restaurant, an endeavor surprisingly akin to her asphalt career. Drawing parallels between crafting delectable dishes and innovative asphalt mixes, she showcases her creativity and adaptability.

Together with her husband, Powell has cultivated a family legacy in the asphalt industry, inspiring one of their sons to embrace the sector with a prominent asphalt equipment manufacturing firm. With four children and five grandchildren, the Powell family eagerly awaits the arrival of another member, perpetuating their dynamic asphalt-loving lineage.

“I’m thrilled about the journey ahead and eager to contribute to the evolution of asphalt across various applications. The potential of this product is truly remarkable, and I am excited to make a positive impact,” says Cynthia Powell.

About Total Asphalt Rejuvenation:
Total Asphalt Rejuvenation, a pioneering specialty contractor, has led the charge in asphalt technologies and methodologies for over two decades. As the largest pavement preservation specialist in the Mid-Atlantic region since 1992, Total Asphalt is renowned for its prowess in pavement treatment technology, catering to military, institutional, and property owners, as well as property management agencies. With over 100 years of combined management experience, Total Asphalt is dedicated to providing high-quality solutions to enhance the lifespan and performance of asphalt surfaces.

About Aztec Asphalt Technology:
Aztec Asphalt Technology stands at the forefront of asphalt innovation, developing cutting-edge technologies to elevate asphalt quality and sustainability. With patented technologies and methodologies honed over 25 years, Aztec offers a comprehensive range of bio-based, non-hazmat rejuvenators for asphalt roads, RAP, and other asphalt assets. Combining a TOFA rejuvenator with a proprietary polymer, Aztec delivers solvent-free products with excellent penetration and ultra-fast return-to-service times.