What is Rejuvenation

Reviving and Strengthening Asphalt Surfaces

In the world of pavement management, rejuvenation is a valuable tool. Asphalt rejuvenation restores worn-out asphalt surfaces’ condition and breathes new life into them, reversing the effects of aging and damage. This process not only revives the surface, but it enhances flexibility, and makes it more resilient against harsh weather and heavy traffic – extending the life of roads. Choosing rejuvenation instead of a complete replacement saves you money upfront and reduces ongoing maintenance expenses.

Why Asphalt Deteriorates

The aging of asphalt binders is the main cause of its hardening, loss of viscoelastic consistency, fissuring, and cracking. Oxidation causes the pavement binder to become hard and brittle. Over time, roads deteriorate and eventually fail. Asphalt deterioration is a significant community problem affecting safety, finances, aesthetics, and the environment. Using pavement preservation, successive small treatments maintain the road at “excellent” to “good” levels, extending the road’s useful life.

How Rejuvenation Works

Asphalt rejuvenation works by breathing new life into worn-out surfaces, reversing the effects of aging and damage. Specially engineered rejuvenators penetrate deep within the asphalt, chemically revitalizing and safeguarding the asphalt binder. Once applied, these rejuvenators soften and revitalize the asphalt, actively binding with the aged binder, to restore flexibility and resilience. This process significantly extends the service life of asphalt assets.

Rejuvenation Benefits

Time Savings

Cost Savings

Extends Life Cycle

Increased Protection


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