Veritas Green™


Introducing Veritas Green™, our proprietary asphalt rejuvenator, designed to reverse the aging process of asphalt assets. Veritas Green™ stands out as a unique solution, tailored specifically to meet the needs of HOAs. This environmentally friendly, bio-based rejuvenator is non-petroleum-based and boasts rapid drying capabilities.

The Technology

What sets Veritas Green™ apart? It’s our commitment to using the finest non-food chain bio-based rejuvenator ever developed — Tall Oil Fatty Acid (TOFA). Derived from sustainable sources, particularly the liquid rosin of coniferous pine trees, TOFA is the cornerstone of our rejuvenation process. Meticulously crafted for performance, our rejuvenator offers unmatched results without compromising on environmental responsibility.

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Eco-Friendly Advantage

Veritas Green™ is not only highly effective but also prioritizes environmental responsibility with features like being non-hazardous; water-based chemistry; zero VOC emissions; low decibel application; solvent-free; and fast-drying, preventing any tracking issues. With top-rated performance features, Veritas Green™ is your trusted choice for asphalt rejuvenation, ensuring the longevity and sustainability of your asphalt assets.

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Veritas Green™ Pro Path

While golf courses may be known for their abundance of greens, there are also areas of asphalt that need maintenance regularly. From parking lots to golf cart paths, we know the importance of keeping asphalt in good shape. That’s why we offer Veritas Green™ Pro Path to restore your asphalt and extend its lifespan. Veritas Green™ Pro Path will not only vastly improve the aesthetics of your golf course but will also improve the integrity, strength, and weather resistance of your cart path.

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