Preserving Your Asphalt Saving Our Planet

In an industry where security, ease, and comfort matter most, we prioritize your safety and protection, and the well-being of residents in the communities we serve. We're dedicated to engineering asphalt products and infrastructure materials through the power of green chemistry. Our commitment extends not only to our clients but also to the environment and communities we serve.

Why are my Community Roads Being Treated?

Over the years, beautiful communities see their fair share of wear and tear, especially on roads. As part of an ongoing commitment to maintaining and improving neighborhoods, HOA boards are tasked with finding a cost-effective, quality, and sustainable approach to pavement maintenance. Total Asphalt’s solution, Veritas Green™ asphalt rejuvenator, a single topically applied product, can postpone repaving for up to 15 years.

Is This Process Safe?

Unlike traditional petrochemical-based products, Veritas Green, our asphalt rejuvenator, is derived from the liquid rosin of coniferous pine trees, a natural and renewable resource. Veritas Green is not only highly effective, but also prioritizes environmental responsibility with features like the following: non-hazardous; water-based chemistry; zero VOC emissions; low decibel application; solvent-free; and fast-drying, preventing any tracking issues.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use the treated areas?

Avoid any treated area until the area is opened by Total Asphalt Rejuvenation. Do not walk, drive, use any pedal bike, golf cart, scooter, or any type of motorized ride on vehicle.

How long will treated areas be shut down?

Designated treatment areas can be shut down for 3 – 4 hours. Bicycles, scooters, motorcycles, and golf carts should use extreme caution in the 24 to 48 hours after application.

What if I used the treated area before it is open?

Should anyone, including pets, want to wash off their feet (or paws) after walking on a treated area, we recommend using Dawn dish detergent as soon as possible.

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