Total Asphalt Dashboard

After meticulously assessing your community's asphalt infrastructure, the next step in our comprehensive approach is to present you with a detailed evaluation and preservation plan recommendations. And we do it all through our innovative Total Asphalt Dashboard.

The Benefits Of Our Dashboard

The Total Asphalt Dashboard offers a thorough assessment of community asphalt, providing real-time visual documentation that can be archived for future reference. This tool enables asset asphalt managers to consolidate historical data, documentation, and proposals in a single accessible platform. Moreover, it serves as a highly cost-effective solution within a community’s pavement management plan, particularly noteworthy as comparable services from engineers can be prohibitively expensive, making it a unique and valuable asphalt asset for managers.

A Permanent Record Of Your Asphalt Infrastructure

But it doesn’t stop there. The Total Asphalt Dashboard isn’t just a tool for the present—it’s a permanent record of your asphalt infrastructure’s condition. It’s a valuable addition to any reserve study or engineering report, providing insights that can shape future planning and budgeting decisions.

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