Veritas Green Pro Path


Revitalize your golf cart paths with unmatched expertise. Veritas Green Pro Path will not only vastly improve the aesthetics of your golf course but will also improve the integrity, strength, and weather resistance of your cart path.

Planning For The Future

This chart contrasts the traditional model with the pavement preservation model. The first descending curve on the left represents the traditional model, in which unchecked pavement deterioration eventually triggers the need for major road rehabilitation. The wave-like pattern of curves at the top of the figure represents the concept of preservation, in which pavement receives preventative maintenance regularly while still in good condition.

Product Benefits

Extends Life Cycle: Increases penetration values and lowers the viscosity of the asphalt binder in the top portion of the pavement, extending the pavement’s life cycle.

Provides Protection: Seals the pavement against intrusion of air and water, thereby slowing oxidation, preventing stripping and raveling.

Increases Durability: Increases the durability of the asphalt binder in the top portion of the pavement by improving the balance of chemical fractions of the asphalt binder.

Rejuvenation Benefits

Time Savings

Cost Savings

Extends Life Cycle

Increased Protection


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