TOTAL ASPHALT specializes in serving the needs of LARGE-SCALE COMMUNITIES.

From the planning, resident communications, traffic control and clean-up, we understand the needs of communities.

The Truth

Large-scale communities pose the greatest challenges to asphalt contractors. Repaving is the ultimate nightmare for managers, residents and contractors alike.

Let’s face it – the twisting roads and public paved areas found in most private large scale communities can be some of the toughest places to service asphalt – not to mention working under the constant scrutiny of residents.

The Whole Truth

For over 20 years, Total Asphalt Technology has been the national leader in rejuvenating and preserving asphalt for large scale communities. With hundreds of miles of road treated with ZERO FAILURES, Total Asphalt has extended the economic life of the asphalt assets of communities for decades, saving these communities millions of dollars (and headaches) along the way. 

The TOTAL Truth

It’s a fact – no one knows how to serve the Asphalt Rejuvenation needs of large-scale communities better than Total Asphalt.

Our “White Glove”* service takes you from planning and scheduling, resident communications, traffic control, application and clean up. Total has the products to make your rejuvenation project go smoothly before, during and for years after the work is complete.

Why put yourself through the nightmare of repaving when there is a proven economical alternative? It’s the truth.