Total Asphalt is proud to work with engineers to create multi-year win-win strategies for their clients that deliver measurable results.

The Truth

Asphalt Rejuvenation is the best way to preserve your customers asphalt assets  delivering savings in both money and aggravation.

The Whole Truth

By aligning incentives engineers can create multi year asphalt rejuvenation strategies for customers creating win-win scenarios for all parties. The right treatment, on the right pavement, at the right time spells success.

The TOTAL Truth

Measurable results are what Total Asphalt delivers to the engineering world.

Facts, not fantasy drive our approach to asphalt preservation and rejuvenation. Total is the national leader combining asset management with sound engineering best-practices creating a unique value proposition for owners and engineers alike. By joining all these elements we can be your partner, driving real value to your customers – and to you.