Founded in 1992, Total Asphalt is the largest commercial pavement preservation specialist in the Mid-Atlantic region. We’ve worked with customers large and small helping them extend the economic life of their asphalt assets.

img_AboutUsOverheadPhotoTotal Asphalt technology was founded in York Pennsylvania in 1992. Over the next two decades, Total has continued to bring pavement rejuvenation solutions to a growing number of satisfied and returning customers across the United States.

Total’s founder, Mike Leaman, was an early-adopter of the Pavement Preservation Philosophy  – “the right treatment, on the right pavement, at the right time”. Total Asphalt blazed the trail to bring the asphalt rejuvenation methodologies and technologies developed for Military and DOT use to the commercial sector.

Today Total is a national leader in providing pavement preservation and rejuvenation solutions for customers across the country and abroad. Our Management Team has over 100 years combined of experience successfully extending the economic life of pavement. We are a Specialty Contractor bringing the disciplines of engineering, asset management and pure science together to offer our customers a unique approach to pavement preservation.

Our customers include some of the largest property owners in the U.S. as well as local owners and managers who understand that the time is NOW to make the shift to a cohesive preservation strategy to prolong the economic life of their assets.

24 years on, Total Asphalt has NEARLY 2 BILLION SQUARE FEET treated with ZERO FAILURES. We invite you to join us in extending the life of your asphalt assets.